Niue is 259 square kilometres of rock jutting 50 meters out of the Pacific ocean. Tonga is its nearest neighbour 400km away. While 20 000 or so Niueans live in New Zealand, there are around 1 300  Niueans living on Niue.

My reason for going to Niue was Cyclone Heta. In January of 2004 I read and listened to reports of the tiny islands destruction, by a freak combination of wind and giant waves. As the months passed sporadic reports continued to paint damning pictures of Niues fate.  So in September 2004 I decided to go and see for myself.

I found the most beautiful and odd place. Many things were in need of repair and rebuilding, requiring money, resources and time. However, Niue felt to me like a nation looking with quiet confidence towards the future.


  Exhibited    ( C-type prints - 10 cm x 10 cm - Editions of 3 )

          Pataka, Public Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, 2005

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